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Low Point Western Bagels



Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious low point bagel now and then? I know I do, but I don’t always have the time to make my own with the two ingredient dough…Now that I discovered these AMAZING ONE and THREE point Western Bagels they have become a staple in our house!



Since they freeze well, I like to buy 6 packages and freeze them. They make for a great snack or as a bagel sandwich for lunch or dinner.

They sell a variety of flavors:

  • Perfect 10 Healthy Grain- 2 SmartPoints
  • Perfect Everything- 3 SmartPoints
  • Prefect 10 Maxx- 4 SmartPoints
  • Alternative Blueberry- 3 SmartPoints 
  • Alternative Cinnamon Spice- 3 SmartPoints
  • Alternative Onion- 3 SmartPoints 
  • Alternative Wheat- 3 SmartPoints
  • Alternative Plain- 3 SmartPoints 
  • Alternative Onion Bagelettes- 1 SmartPoint 
  • Alternative Wheat Bagelettes-1 SmartPoint

They ship every Monday and Only Monday! Ordering Cutoff time is 9am PST

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Their alternative bagelettes (mini bagels) are 1 WW SmartPoints.

During the fall season they sell Alternative Pumpkin Bagelettes which are my favorite. Only 1 WW SmartPoint per bagelette!


 Perfect 10 Bagels & Alternative 2.0 Bagels are bigger in size and are only 3 WW SmartPoints each.

Get get 10% off your order with promo code: