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WW Friendly Edible Cookie Dough

 Who can resist a WW Friendly Edible Cookie Dough? This it WW Friendly Edible Cookie Dough is sinfully delicious, and so easy to make! This WW Friendly Cookie Dough Edible is safe to eat straight from the bowl-go on..try it!  I won’t judge you! ENJOY!  Makes 1 cup What ingredients do I need to make this WW Friendly Edible …

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Skinny Enchilada Pizza

This Skinny Enchilada Pizza has the taste of enchiladas but in pizza form! Perfect for your weekly pizza night! Servings: Makes 10 slices GREEN: 3 SmartPoints per slice Blue: 2 SmartPoints per slice  PURPLE: 2 SmartPoints per slice  Looking for more great pizza recipes? Be sure to check these out: Skinny Pizza Tater Tot Casserole Pizza Casserole …

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