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ChocZero Sugar Free Products

 The New Standard in Sweet

ChocZero follows in the footsteps of thousands of chocolatiers by using quality ingredients like real Madagascar vanilla beans and premium chocolate liquor. ChocZero is all about two things: high quality ingredients and a good taste. They just happen to do it sugar free.

Their products will never contain soy or sugar alcohols. Unlike other brands that are keto friendly, we say no to artificial sweeteners. Our innovative formula creates a low sugar experience like no other: one that uses pure monk fruit and no junk. ChocZero’s creative and product team is led by someone who lost over 150 lbs. on the keto diet over several years. From the beginning, their product development has been centered on making low sugar products with carefully chosen, tasty ingredients

ChocZero ingredients are high quality and ethically sourced-their soluble corn fiber is non-GMO.

Here are a few of my favorite ChocZero Products.

Milk Chocolate Squares

These ChocZero milk chocolate squares start with ethical cocoa beans sourced from South America. Then they’re brought to our sunny California factory where they’re made into a rich chocolate, combined with whole cream, infused with premium Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and sweetened with the all natural monk fruit plant–a popular sweetener.

1 Point per square or 50 calories per square

Ultimate Dark Chocolate Squares

These ChocZero ultimate dark squares is a velvety smooth sugar free dark chocolate for the cacao lover. It’s an intense flavor packed into a small square. Bitter notes get complimented with a hint of sweetness from all natural and ketogenic monk fruit.

1 smartpoint per square or 45 calories per square

White Chocolate Squares

These ChocZero white chocolate uses real cocoa butter for a melt-in-the-mouth creamy texture. Made with Madagascan bourbon vanilla beans and sweetened exclusively with monk fruit, this low carb white chocolate is a bite-size treat for a moment of pure bliss.

1 Smartpoint per square or 60 calories per square 

Dark Chocolate Squares

These ChocZero Dark Chocolate Squares are 70% sugar free dark chocolate square bars put our ethically sourced cocoa beans front and center.

1 Point per square or 45 calories per square

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ChocZero Chocolate Chips

I love the ChocZero chocolate chips in a bundle containing all three flavors: milk chocolatewhite chocolate, and dark chocolate.

ChocZero white chocolate chips: made with real cocoa butter resulting in a creamy chip with a subtle sweetness. 60 chips for 2 points or 80 calories.

ChocZero milk chocolate chips – made with premium cocoa swirled with whole cream for a delicious keto baking staple. 60 chips for 2 points or 70 calories.

ChocZero dark chocolate chips – made with cocoa for a decadent chocolate morsel. Eat out of the bag or melt into the perfect sugar free dipping chocolate. 60 chips for 2 points or 60 calories.

These ChocZero chips are the BEST tasting- no bitter aftertaste-no sugar added chocolate chips!

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Save 10% off your ChocZero order using promo code: POUNDDROPPER at check out.